7 tips to start IAS Preparation

IAS is the short form of Indian Administrative Service.  The selected candidates get an opportunity to work in various civil services such as IAS, IPS, IFS and so on. An officer selected in Indian Administrative Service can get an exposure in working with different positions like Collector, commissioner, chief secretary and etc. It is a common question of most of the IAS aspirants that which is the best option to get guidance. Some may think of joining IAS Coaching centres in Chennai. We hope the guidance which is discussed in this post equally helpful for the aspirants.


IAS Exam Eligibility Criteria

The educational qualification to be appearing for UPSC examination is the candidate need to complete the graduation degree from any certified university. Final year students also permitted to appear for the examination. The age limit of the candidate should be 21 to 32 years. 5 years relaxation time is available for SC/ST candidates and 3 years relaxation time is available for OBC Candidates. For general category students, the number of attempts allowed is 6. For OBC student the number of attempts is 9.

IAS Syllabus

IAS exam comprises of three stages Prelims, Mains, and interview. To clear the prelims examination the candidate should clear the two papers which are General Studies I and General studies 2. The question asked in this stage is multiple choice types. The students who pass this stage will be qualified for attending the mains examination.

The rank of the candidate in UPSC examination is depending on the mark the student secured in Main and interview. The main examination has 1750 marks and the mark for an interview is 275 marks.

How to prepare for Civil Service Examination?

The student needs to have a long-term preparation strategy to clear the examination. It is highly advised for the students to prepare for a minimum of 9 to 12 months of time. The duration of the preparation depends on how focused you are.

The main objective of UPSC civil service test is to examine the analytical and mathematical skills along with the verbal skills. IAS Academy in Bangalore helps the student to clear the test in the first attempt. IAS coaching helps the student by providing guidance, teaching strategies and offering study material. They also conduct the mock test to improve the capability of the students.

Advantages of Choosing Litigation Services

Litigation support services are provided to the lawyers who need some consultation or advise to solve the cases. They provide the wide range of support to the attorneys which may differ from document checking, research the case detail and give ideas how to speed up the areas by assisting them. Not only the layers get the benefit of litigation services in UAE but also there is a number of the organization get an advantage of choosing the litigation service. Normally litigation support is required for both small scale and large scale business to reduce the complexity of legal problems in the organization.


Litigation support experts work as an individual or they may work in a litigation service firms. The major reasons why you should choose the best litigation services are electronic discovery and properly managing the documents to attain the favorable outcomes. The litigation support service is the best decision to manage and get the desired solution for the legal cases in the industry. There are various advantages of choosing litigation service which is listed below


Litigation support is one of the important factors which is required for all types of organization to manage legal cases. There are a number of consultancy services available in Dubai who give full support to win the case as per your wish. You may check with the experience and the knowledge of the firm before choosing the service providers.

No Delay

In normal cases, it takes some time to complete and research on the case may take more time. With the help of litigation service providers, you can easily get a solution within a time frame. They not only help in managing the documents they also assist the attorney to manage the case details.


Document management is one of the important techniques used by the litigation support. They also use latest tools and various types of approach to solving the problem in your company. Legal problems in the company affect the organization reputation as well as affect the organization financially.

Quality and Security

Quality of the service providing firms matters to get a consistent result. With the dedicated team, you can increase the accuracy of the work which they have done. The team will secure your data properly and know the importance of securing the data.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the important things you need to check when choosing the litigation support providers in Dubai.

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How to create safety culture in workplace?

When creating safety programs you need to set long term goals, so that the organization can dramatically increase the productivity and safety. The workers with various designations are work in the organization. Make sure the safety procedure which you develop is common for all the workers or you may develop different safety rules and regulations for each department. ISO Consultants in Chennai from the leading consultancy help you out to find the improvements need to be taken in the company.

What is Safety Culture?

Safety culture is nothing but how the workers follow safety procedures in their day to day activities of the organization. Safety procedure becomes the highest priority for the company. Safety and health not only help to maintain the workplace safe. It also helps the organization to maintain their reputation in the competitive working environment.

Why is Safety Culture important?

The study shows that the average people who die due to workplace accident are around 2,000 in a year. To safeguard the people from injuries and work-related problems it is crucial for the organization to implement safety programs. NEBOSH Course in Chennai offered to the workers helps those to aware of workplace hazards and steps to be taken during the event of a workplace accident. Here are the following tips how to implement safety in the workplace

Edify the workers

By offering sufficient training programs like IOSH Course in Chennai helps the employee aware of the safety rules which is implemented in an organization. The periodical training programs arranged to the workers also reflected in the productivity of the company.

Create a Safety Program

You can create a safety program in a long run. There is a number of consultancy services available in Chennai who helps the company to create a safety program with high standard. Normally, people get bored when they follow the safety programs.  You may give awards to the workers who follow the safety guidelines in the company. Here we have listed the following industries which need a safety programs

  • The mining industry
  • The oil company
  • Construction industry
  • Chemical industry

Try to update the safety procedures in the company. You may consult with the workers and get suggestion how to improve workplace safety. Provide the workers with the high-quality safety equipment. This will confidence to the workers when they working.


Develop a Highly optimized E-commerce Store through Magento

Magento is an open source E-commerce platform suitable for developing various types of the online shopping store.  You need to design the E-commerce store based on various aspects of users. By having an innovative idea and with the perfect design your E-commerce store generate more sales. Designing of the website is not only meant to be the overall look of the website. It meant to be the navigation and functionality of the website. Hire Magento Developer India to create a highly unique website for the business. Magento is efficient than a number of E-commerce platforms. The developer can feel easy to customize the website based on the need of the client.


Here you may find some of the tips to improve the user experience in various aspects

Make Your First Impression the best

The study reveals that more than 90% of the users easily attracted with the look and design of the website. Make sure your website is professional and has a good user interface. The Navigation of the website is the crucial factor to get the right products or the service the customer needs. Hire a Coder who knows the user prospects of your website.

Manage Bouncing rate

If the bouncing rate of your website is high then you know that the users are not happy or not interested in spending time on your website. It is very difficult if the visitor left the website without navigating to another page. Implementation of great design leads the customer to get the desired product which they want. Make sure you provide contact information in the header of the website. It makes the customer to easily contact your business.  Without considering these factors you may lose a chance of ahead in the competition.

Website Conversion

A conversion rate is a metric used to determine the performance of the website. Normally Shopping website needs to have a good interface. This makes the customer buy the product which they want. The user-centric element helps to initiate user actions. Hire PHP Programmer who knows about various designing elements. You can avoid spammers and threats on your site with essential security measures. In Case of dealing with the E-commerce website, most of the users prefer to pay the amount by online. Make your website security with SSL features and ensure that your customer data is safe.

You may also get a help from the best web development company to create a user-friendly website.


How important is to take coaching for NEET Examination?

Do you prepare for the medical entrance examinations like AAIIMS and NEET? Are you feeling difficult to manage Board exam preparation and Medical entrance preparation? This article will guide you to score good marks in medical entrance examinations.  With the ever-evolving pattern of the entrance test, it is important to join Medical Entrance Coaching centers to get a proper individual attention. The student can easily achieve their medical entrance goal with an extra amount of preparation and motivation. Here you may find the Importance of enrolled in coaching centers.

Effective Study Plan

Normally NEET Coaching in Chennai prepare an effective study plan for the student’s preparation. With the help of highly experienced faculties, the student can understand the subject effectively. All the aspirant wants to do is stay committed and keep following the study plan.

Preparation Strategy

The best part about the NEET Coaching centres in Chennai is the preparation strategy. The preparation techniques which are taught by the faculties make the aspirant easily to solve and get a good score on the entrance test. Coaching classes give the effective coaching to the students in an updated exam pattern.

Tension Free Preparation

In self-study preparation, the student may feel pressurized and difficult to prepare for the examination. This will result in the poor performance of the student. If you want a tension free preparation for the entrance test then go to Coaching institutes.

Competition Edge

In coaching classes, you have an opportunity to interact with hundreds of students. It will make you motivated and create a healthy competitive environment. In the competitive environment of the coaching classes, you know the level of preparation.

Doubt clearing

If you prepare on your own then it is not possible to clear your doubts. Where in case of coaching you can get a help from the expert faculties to solve your queries or you may clear your doubts from the students. This is one of the best options to improve your score in NEET examination.

Regular Mock Test

Regular Mock test organized by the coaching centers make the student to know the stress faced by the student when solving the actual examination. Flexible class timings and batch size help the student to get individual attention. They not only conduct the mock test they also analyze the performance of the students.

LED Lighting

Looking to replace your traditional lighting with the brighter and Efficient LED light? There are plenty of reasons to choose LED lights such as LED lights are suitable for various types of wether conditions, this light cannot be affected by electricity fluctuations and the lifetime of LED lights are more. A number of companies in Chennai offer services like LED light housing to the users. With the help of these services, you can make your house more attractive and elegant.

There is no doubt that lighting is most important to create a better visibility, as well as people, know the beauty of the place. If you are in search of a cost-effective lighting system for public sp, aces then LED is the right decision which is suggested by many experts. The part with LED is the technology which is used in light emitting. This helps the bulb to sustain for a long time and extremely effective.

Here you know the list of features of LED lighting

This bulb is suitable for Universal volt electrical System. So you don’t worry that the bulb consumes excessive power.

LED lights normally last for around 1,00,000 hours. The lifetime of LED is more than a lifetime of traditional lights.

This is a perfect choice if you are looking a lighting solution for your outdoor spaces.

LED bulbs are UV Free lights. It will not affect the health of the users.

It is acceptable by all the people that the lighting effect is correct then it will give a clear view of the place. If the LED street light housing is not up to the mark then it will lead the people to get accidents. Lighting not only important in street areas but also important in the areas like railway station, public places and so on.

It is as important lighting as protect the lights from the external factors like rain and wind. Light housing makes it possible by providing the aluminum or quality material to protect the light. With the help of LED Street Light housing, you can able to get light directly. If you do not protect the light then it will affect dirt, bugs and moisture.

Application where the LED High Bay housing is important

  • Malls
  • Train and Airport Stations
  • Commercial Buildings and halls
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Loading Areas

This post gives the information about LED lighting and the importance of LED light housing.


About Safety course in Chennai

Health and safety are more important for the organization to safeguard their employees. The organization can minimize the workplace injuries by offering nationally recognized safety courses to the workers. There is a number of Safety Institute in Chennai offers the best training programs at a reasonable price. Studying fire and safety course is more beneficial for the student who wants to work as a safety officer in health and safety industries. With the safety program, you can create a standard of safety that all the workers should meet. Some people may think that safety course is optional. No, it is necessary for the organization.


Importance of safety course

Safety of the industry is nothing but protecting people from getting physical injuries, protecting equipment from damage and protecting the environment from pollution. The safety course helps the organization to protect workers and equipment. By offering safety course to the workers you may know

  • Why workers get injured?
  • Are that workers mistake?

From the analysis, you may prevent accidents and free from the possibility of an accident.

The list of Safety Courses


NEBOSH is an international certification course on fire and safety. The course is designed to give the knowledge regarding workplace health and safety to the workers and students. From this course, the workers get awareness of occupational hazards and how to manage the situation effectively. Many organizations recruit the workers who have certification in fire and safety course in Chennai.

IOSH Course

IOSH course in Chennai is suitable for the students who are looking to get an entry-level admission in occupational health and safety. The candidates who complete IOSH Course can work as site managers or site supervisors. This course teaches you about how to do the task in the organization thereby reducing the workplace accidents.

Scope of Fire and safety course

Candidates having certificates in fire and safety course can get a wide range of job opportunities in various sectors. They may work as a safety officer, safety inspector and safety consultants in the following sectors

  • Refineries
  • Construction industries
  • Textile manufacturers
  • Chemical power plants

Diploma courses

Safety Institute offers you with number of diploma courses which are listed below

    • Diploma in fire and safety
    • Diploma in food safety
    • Diploma in Environmental safety
    • Diploma in Offshore safety
    • First aid courses