Refrigerants used in Air Conditioners

A refrigerant is a fluid used in Air conditioning applications to take heat produced by the application away from the room and keep the room cool. Normally the refrigerant gas involves two tasks such as absorbing the heat and convert it into gas, the other one is producing the chillness and back to liquid form. In the modern era, we are using different types of refrigerants that are listed below

CFC Refrigerants

CFC Refrigerants are more harmful to the environment which was developed over seventy years ago. Government has stopped its production in 1995 but it is still used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

HCFC refrigerants

HCFC refrigerants are comparatively less harmful to the environment than CFC refrigerant. Its production also planned to stop in 2030. The common areas where the HCFC refrigerants used are residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

HFC refrigerants

In general HFC refrigerant does not contain chlorine atom that is why it is less harmful to the ozone layer. This refrigerant is highly used in a wide range of applications nowadays. HFC Refrigerants available in the market are R134a and R125.

Refrigerant Blends

Refrigerant blends are more popular among people because it is environment-friendly. This type of refrigerant is a little more expensive than other types of refrigerant gases. There are freon gas Suppliers in UAE delivers refrigerant that suits your needs. 

Various types of refrigerants have been used until now. Government has introduced different regulations to control the use of a refrigerant that creates a huge impact on the ozone layer. Most of the countries keep on changing the refrigerants with low environmental impact. Nowadays, R32 is more popular among people just because of the lower GWP available in the refrigerant will create a reduced global warming effect. 


Common Myths associated with Mobile App Development

Developing an interactive mobile application that helps to increase the business is not an easy task. Yet, many people think that it is not a big deal for the developers. Each and every industry has its own set of myths as it true in the case of mobile app development. With the increasing dependence and booming trends of the mobile app, it takes a significant role in the business cycle. Before you dive into the app development process you should know the common myths on mobile app development. You can choose the best Mobile App Development India to implement all your business-related ideas.

Mobile Applications only aimed at smartphones

This statement is true. Not only have the smartphone users used a mobile application to do their day to day work. Your mobile application should be opting for different devices like tablets, Android phones and so on. Make sure your mobile application is optimized to perform across different platform and mobile devices.

Developing an Application is a quick Process

People do often think that creating a mobile application is a short term process and you do not require any maintenance after completing the development. But the fact is developing an app is a little complex task and thus requires expert knowledge to reach more audience. You can Hire PHP Developer India to optimize the performance of the mobile application.

The mobile application is a cheap one

One of the most common misconceptions about a mobile application is the amount to develop an app is cheap. Even to develop a simple design in an interactive manner, it cost more compared than you think. A lot of time and effort required to develop an app that satisfied the goal of your business.

A mobile website is enough

Most of us think that a mobile website is enough and the app is not required. The fact is that you should have a mobile application that performs well across different devices. You can Hire Magento Developer India from the reputed web development company to create a fully functional website. Hope, this article provides you with enough information on the myth of mobile app development.

Self-study VS. Coaching institute – Which one to Choose?

Many Aspirants preparing for IAS examination have a dilemma in choosing the preparation option between self-study and coaching centre. You may hear the success stories of the candidates who get guidance from the coaching institute as well as the candidate who prepare for themselves. In the past decades, there is no compulsion for the aspirant to take coaching to prepare for the competitive examination. At the increased level of competition, most of the student used to join the IAS Academy in Chennai. In this article, you get to know which the best option to study coaching or self-study is.

Benefits of Self-study for IAS Preparation

  • Financial constraint is one of the important reasons why the aspirant are not opting for the coaching centres. Self-study with dedicated study plan helps you to clear the IAS examination without any hassle.
  • One of the important things the student should do in their preparation is to collect the relevant study material. In the case of the coaching institute, you need to travel far away from your home. It seems to be a little difficult for the students.
  • By creating a strategized study plan you can easily understand the strengths and weakness in your preparation. If you attend the mock test at a right time then self-study is the best plan compared to coaching.
  • A focused approach is an important factor to crack the IAS Exam. As an IAS aspirant, you have to improve the analytical approach, dedication to get good rank in the test.

Benefits of Coaching for IAS Preparation

Before beginning something new we always look for professional support to make the preparation process easy. It not only helps to improve the score but also helps to manage the hurdles which are faced during the preparation easily.

The study material which is prepared by expert professional helps to complete the entire syllabus of IAS examination at the correct time. With the competitive environment offered by the coaching institute, you can prepare even better.

By opting for IAS Preparation program you can know the different strategies used to answer each question. IAS Academy in Trivandrum conducts periodic tests to make the student get familiar with the syllabus.

Affordable housing Destination in India

Affordable housing has become one of the hottest discussions in the real estate industry. Today, most of the investors looking to trade an affordable housing at a great location. One of the main reasons why affordable housing is most popular one across India is the scheme called Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. This gives the opportunity to the people who are economically weak or get the low income to run their life. Real Estate people understand the dream of all groups of people and provide affordable housing options. You can choose the best Builders in Chennai to satisfy the various needs of the customer. Here we have listed some of the hottest real estate destination in India


Chennai is also a popular affordable real estate housing destination due to its infrastructural developments and booming in IT sectors. Chennai is not only getting popular because of IT companies but also the number of industries has been developed. The enormous growth and the transportation facilities make Pallavaram, Tambaram and Kelambakkam the hottest destination in the city. The metro plans and the transportation options increase the property value in Chennai. There are numerous housing options to choose from Studio Apartments in Chennai, duplex apartments and so on.


Similar to Chennai, Bangalore is the most popular real estate destination in India. The increased number of commercial spaces and the IT Companies upsurges the demand for affordable housing in Bangalore. It one of the fast-growing cities in the past decade. Non-Resident Indians (NRI) also knows the demand and started investing in Bangalore.


Hyderabad is also witnessed as the best places to invest. Most of us move Hyderabad to various reasons like to study or to work in the company or anything else. Once you started living there you may have an idea of owning houses in Hyderabad. The number of MNC’s and tech parks gives trust among the users who want to own a house in the best location. There is a wide range of high-end residential projects has been developed in this city which proves the demand for this city.

Before investing in Properties in Chennai you have to check various things like the price, location and the size of the property.

Website features that annoy your website visitors

When we browse a website for purchasing a product or researching we often abandon the site which fails to deliver the best user experience. People may get frustrated by different features ranging from the long loading time and unwanted pop-ups. The website which delivers poor user experience will result in high bounce rate and low conversion. Hire Web Developer to design a website in different aspects of the customers as well as the business. Here we have listed the annoying things on the website which the developer needs to work.

The website is not optimized for Mobiles

More than 30% of the users make use of mobile phones to access the website. It is crucial to design a website that fits into the small screen. If your website is not optimized for mobile phones then customers simply close the website and move to another one. You can miss out the chance of generating leads from the mobile users if you fail to optimize the website for mobile phones.

Poor Navigation

Once the visitor lands to your website your navigation is the important things that let the customer know where to go next. You have to use simple terms for menus or else it is difficult for people to know the computer jargons. Hire PHP Developer India who is expertise in designing the perfect website navigation.

Load time is high

Visitors really impatient when the website loading time is high. From the research you get to know that people can wait for a maximum of three seconds to load the site otherwise they simply navigate to the different site. Make sure all the files and the images on the website are compressed. It is an important factor to increase the experience of the users.

Excessive Popups

Business owners often think that pop-ups is the best way to generate leads for the business. But the fact is visitor get frustrated with using excessive pop-ups in the website. Instead of using excess pop-ups you can use a clear call to action buttons on the website. To design a highly functional website you can Hire Dedicated Developers from the reputed web development company.

How to Answer in UPSC Examination

Some of the aspirants secure less mark in UPSC examination even though they prepared well for one to two years. This scenario may happen due to the student who is not aware of how to approach the questions asked in the examination. Preparation is also important as well you have to concentrate on how to approach the questions. If you normally attend all the question then you can get negative marking for each and every wrong answer. IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai gives the best guidance to approach the questions. Instead of answering the questions from 1 to 100 you may follow the approach when answering the questions.

First Round:

In the first round, you have to answer the questions which you are 100% sure. Try to attend the questions which you are sure about the answers. Normally aspirants may know the right answer for 30 to 40 questions. When you don’t know the answer for the particular question then start eliminating the wrong answer for the questions. These types of approach will increase the change of scoring more marks in IAS Exam.

Second Round

In this round try to give the response for those question which you 50% sure. Once you eliminate two options among four then one among the two options will be the answer. From the student, you know that the probability of getting the positive mark is high if you choose between the two remaining options. You may have 30 to 35 questions in this type. Begin solving it after completing your first round.

Third Round

Are you eliminate one wrong answer from the options given then go for it. It is somewhat a risky thing but once you are clear with the concepts then it is easy to get the positive result. IAS Academy in Bangalore gives specialized attention to each and every aspirant. You can attend up to 20 questions using this approach.

Fourth Round

This is nothing but the types of question you have no idea about. Some students may skip this question to avoid negative marking. It is not a simple as it sounds. You have to manage time properly in order to complete answering all the questions. Don’t lose your time to find the answer for the unknown questions.

How does one become an IAS Officer?

Among numerous career options available for the youngsters to choose, Civil services are one of the most soughtful careers. The Civil Services examination gives the best platform to the aspirant who wants to enter into the prestigious jobs like Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS). If the government of India Create or change the Indian policies then IAS officers are responsible for implementing those in a national and state level. IAS is considered as one of the top core services of India has numerous benefits to the aspirants.

Why IAS Exam is so difficult?

We all know that Civil services examination is difficult to crack. Following are the reasons why IAS exam becomes harder.


It is obvious that the syllabus of IAS Examination is quite vast. The examination is conducted in three stages namely prelims, mains and interview. The aspirant have to clear prelims examination conducted by Union Public Service in order to get qualify the next stage of the selection process. The main examination includes 9 papers out of that 2 papers are language and optional subject. It is very difficult to complete the entire preparation of IAS examination if you start your preparation before few months of the test. Top 10 IAS Academy in Chennai helps you to clear each stage of the exam with the good score.


The competition for cracking the civil services examination is high compared to other competitive examination. More than 8 lakhs student appear for civil services examination every year. Among those only 1000 students are selected for the Services of UPSC. IAS Coaching centres in Chennai help you to complete the entire syllabus of IAS examination within a short span of time.


Before Started your Preparation for IAS Examination make sure you prepared mentally for appearing the test. This is one of the important factors which get to get succeed in IAS Exam. Some of the student thinks that studying 12 hours a day will help to score well in the test. The most challenging job of the aspirant is to balance day to day life and IAS preparation. Stubbornness and commitment are the two major factors which decide the success in IAS Exam. The journey to the Post of IAS Officer is an grueling one you can achieve your destination successfully by your commitment.




Modernize your lifestyle with house Builders

It is a fact that the space you live in will determine who you are and what your lifestyle is and so on. Is your house impeding your lifestyle?  The experienced builder will help you in building your dream house as per your need and lifestyle. Owning the beautiful homes is a dream of many people. You can choose the reliable house builders to redesign your house or build a new house that meets all your requirements at the most competitive price. Most of the people now days prefer to buy luxury apartments in Chennai rather than building their own.

Some of you may have a doubt that building a new house is more expensive compared to buying an apartment or flat. But the advantage when you constructing a new house you can implement your own ideas based on your lifestyle. You can simply have building plans like private space for your parents, playroom for your child and so on. Builders in Chennai construct a building using cutting edge ideas as well as build house in a contemporary style which makes to update your lifestyle.

In the fast-paced world, everyone in the family is working professional so it is necessary to choose the builders who specialized in designing homes in domestic areas. It is advised to choose the features which are essential for living. Some may choose the features randomly which will affect the budget for building a house. Before started building a house you should be clear about what you want. For example, some may need natural lighting and soundproofing walls in their house. Whatever you need regarding the house the experienced builders will make it a reality.

Summing up, getting the right builders is one of the key factors in building your dream house. You have to check the different things before choosing the builders such as

  • Experience of the builders
  • The reputation of the builders
  • Previous Projects completed by the builders
  • On-time delivery of the project
  • Customer review about the projects and so on.

You can also contact apartments for sale in Chennai who help you to get the desired home for you and your family.

Hydroponics Nutrients

Hydroponics is a sophisticated form of agriculture which offers high productivity, efficient use of water and nutrient solution in a controlled environment. Indoor gardening method of growing plant is more challenging compared to the conventional method of growing plants. In this method, you can give all the essential nutrients required for the plant growth in a controlled environment. Hydroponics Farming in Chennai helps the people to make a perfect blend of nutrients. You can use either make your own hydroponics nutrient or pre-mixed nutrients available in different types of sites like FutureFarms, India Mart, Amazon and so on.

Take control of your plant health through hydroponics Nutrient

By giving the right amount of nutrients and fertilizers to the plant you can improve the nutrient value present in the plant and give the optimal result. There is a number of factors you should take into consideration when improving the health of the plant. The Basic Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Nitrogen are the wide range of nutrient which is essential for plant growth. Without these important nutrients, plant cannot grow properly which will result in poor growth of the plant.

Micro and Macro Nutrients

Plant nutrients are divided into two sub-categories such as Micronutrients and Macronutrients. The primary nutrients present in the soil will improve the growth of the plant in a short span of time. Commercial Hydroponics farming helps you to form the indoor gardening at an affordable price. Calculating the right amount of hydroponics nutrient to the plant you can grow your plant healthier and faster.

Hydroponics Plant Nutrient

One of the important factors to keep in mind when improving the growth of the plant is PH. You have to change the PH level at each stage of the hydroponics growth. It is common that the PH Level should be 5.8 to 6.2. You can easily monitor the PH Level of the plant by health indicator available in a hydroponics system. PH level rise or low is a sign of affecting the plant growth.

Plant Nutrient Strength and Conductivity

When mixing the nutrient solution to the water makes sure it is mixed in a right amount. You can increase or decrease the nutrient present in the water based on the level of growth. Hydroponics System Design guides you in a right way in choosing the right nutrients to your plant.





Things to know before Begin an IAS Preparation

Preparing for civil services examination is crucial for the aspirants who aim to score more marks in UPSC test. Anyone who is planned to start a preparation must know various factors before starting a preparation. The students who got selected for UPSC exam can have an opportunity to work in different bodies of the government such as IAS, IPS, IFS and so on. A preliminary test of civil services examination consists of objective types whereas the question asked in mains examination are descriptive type. IAS Coaching centre in Chennai offers an effective learning resource to the aspirants at a competitive cost.

Exam fear is the feelings experienced by many of the candidates who appeared for the UPSC test. With the sufficient preparation methods, you can improve the chance of scoring good marks in IAS examination. Very effective learning resource helps the student to reduce their workloads in the preparation. IAS Academy in Bangalore, the best place to enroll and create a good result in IAS examination.

Things to know before Begin an IAS Preparation


Exam Dates

UPSC examination is conducted once in a year based on the availability of exam centres as well as the convenience of the students. It is advised for the aspirants to stay alert of the new exam dates. Sometimes USPC does some changes in exam dates.

Time for preparation

It is better to start your preparation early that is a year before the examination. The Research reveals that 3 out of 10 students have a dream of becoming a civil servant. In this kind of scenario, you should outline the effective preparation strategy to clear the examination. One year of preparation time is required to open the doors of UPSC examination.

Design your preparation

The preliminary examination has objective types of question from two major topics such as general knowledge and from the subjects. You can easily understand the format of the test by going through the previous year question papers. Preparing a UPSC exam is a lengthy process which requires hours of preparation. IAS Coaching centres in Chennai conducts a mock test to improve the performance of the student.