Refrigerants used in Air Conditioners

A refrigerant is a fluid used in Air conditioning applications to take heat produced by the application away from the room and keep the room cool. Normally the refrigerant gas involves two tasks such as absorbing the heat and convert it into gas, the other one is producing the chillness and back to liquid form. In the modern era, we are using different types of refrigerants that are listed below

CFC Refrigerants

CFC Refrigerants are more harmful to the environment which was developed over seventy years ago. Government has stopped its production in 1995 but it is still used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

HCFC refrigerants

HCFC refrigerants are comparatively less harmful to the environment than CFC refrigerant. Its production also planned to stop in 2030. The common areas where the HCFC refrigerants used are residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

HFC refrigerants

In general HFC refrigerant does not contain chlorine atom that is why it is less harmful to the ozone layer. This refrigerant is highly used in a wide range of applications nowadays. HFC Refrigerants available in the market are R134a and R125.

Refrigerant Blends

Refrigerant blends are more popular among people because it is environment-friendly. This type of refrigerant is a little more expensive than other types of refrigerant gases. There are freon gas Suppliers in UAE delivers refrigerant that suits your needs. 

Various types of refrigerants have been used until now. Government has introduced different regulations to control the use of a refrigerant that creates a huge impact on the ozone layer. Most of the countries keep on changing the refrigerants with low environmental impact. Nowadays, R32 is more popular among people just because of the lower GWP available in the refrigerant will create a reduced global warming effect. 


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