Self-study VS. Coaching institute – Which one to Choose?

Many Aspirants preparing for IAS examination have a dilemma in choosing the preparation option between self-study and coaching centre. You may hear the success stories of the candidates who get guidance from the coaching institute as well as the candidate who prepare for themselves. In the past decades, there is no compulsion for the aspirant to take coaching to prepare for the competitive examination. At the increased level of competition, most of the student used to join the IAS Academy in Chennai. In this article, you get to know which the best option to study coaching or self-study is.

Benefits of Self-study for IAS Preparation

  • Financial constraint is one of the important reasons why the aspirant are not opting for the coaching centres. Self-study with dedicated study plan helps you to clear the IAS examination without any hassle.
  • One of the important things the student should do in their preparation is to collect the relevant study material. In the case of the coaching institute, you need to travel far away from your home. It seems to be a little difficult for the students.
  • By creating a strategized study plan you can easily understand the strengths and weakness in your preparation. If you attend the mock test at a right time then self-study is the best plan compared to coaching.
  • A focused approach is an important factor to crack the IAS Exam. As an IAS aspirant, you have to improve the analytical approach, dedication to get good rank in the test.

Benefits of Coaching for IAS Preparation

Before beginning something new we always look for professional support to make the preparation process easy. It not only helps to improve the score but also helps to manage the hurdles which are faced during the preparation easily.

The study material which is prepared by expert professional helps to complete the entire syllabus of IAS examination at the correct time. With the competitive environment offered by the coaching institute, you can prepare even better.

By opting for IAS Preparation program you can know the different strategies used to answer each question. IAS Academy in Trivandrum conducts periodic tests to make the student get familiar with the syllabus.


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