Website features that annoy your website visitors

When we browse a website for purchasing a product or researching we often abandon the site which fails to deliver the best user experience. People may get frustrated by different features ranging from the long loading time and unwanted pop-ups. The website which delivers poor user experience will result in high bounce rate and low conversion. Hire Web Developer to design a website in different aspects of the customers as well as the business. Here we have listed the annoying things on the website which the developer needs to work.

The website is not optimized for Mobiles

More than 30% of the users make use of mobile phones to access the website. It is crucial to design a website that fits into the small screen. If your website is not optimized for mobile phones then customers simply close the website and move to another one. You can miss out the chance of generating leads from the mobile users if you fail to optimize the website for mobile phones.

Poor Navigation

Once the visitor lands to your website your navigation is the important things that let the customer know where to go next. You have to use simple terms for menus or else it is difficult for people to know the computer jargons. Hire PHP Developer India who is expertise in designing the perfect website navigation.

Load time is high

Visitors really impatient when the website loading time is high. From the research you get to know that people can wait for a maximum of three seconds to load the site otherwise they simply navigate to the different site. Make sure all the files and the images on the website are compressed. It is an important factor to increase the experience of the users.

Excessive Popups

Business owners often think that pop-ups is the best way to generate leads for the business. But the fact is visitor get frustrated with using excessive pop-ups in the website. Instead of using excess pop-ups you can use a clear call to action buttons on the website. To design a highly functional website you can Hire Dedicated Developers from the reputed web development company.


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