How to Answer in UPSC Examination

Some of the aspirants secure less mark in UPSC examination even though they prepared well for one to two years. This scenario may happen due to the student who is not aware of how to approach the questions asked in the examination. Preparation is also important as well you have to concentrate on how to approach the questions. If you normally attend all the question then you can get negative marking for each and every wrong answer. IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai gives the best guidance to approach the questions. Instead of answering the questions from 1 to 100 you may follow the approach when answering the questions.

First Round:

In the first round, you have to answer the questions which you are 100% sure. Try to attend the questions which you are sure about the answers. Normally aspirants may know the right answer for 30 to 40 questions. When you don’t know the answer for the particular question then start eliminating the wrong answer for the questions. These types of approach will increase the change of scoring more marks in IAS Exam.

Second Round

In this round try to give the response for those question which you 50% sure. Once you eliminate two options among four then one among the two options will be the answer. From the student, you know that the probability of getting the positive mark is high if you choose between the two remaining options. You may have 30 to 35 questions in this type. Begin solving it after completing your first round.

Third Round

Are you eliminate one wrong answer from the options given then go for it. It is somewhat a risky thing but once you are clear with the concepts then it is easy to get the positive result. IAS Academy in Bangalore gives specialized attention to each and every aspirant. You can attend up to 20 questions using this approach.

Fourth Round

This is nothing but the types of question you have no idea about. Some students may skip this question to avoid negative marking. It is not a simple as it sounds. You have to manage time properly in order to complete answering all the questions. Don’t lose your time to find the answer for the unknown questions.


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