Things to know before Begin an IAS Preparation

Preparing for civil services examination is crucial for the aspirants who aim to score more marks in UPSC test. Anyone who is planned to start a preparation must know various factors before starting a preparation. The students who got selected for UPSC exam can have an opportunity to work in different bodies of the government such as IAS, IPS, IFS and so on. A preliminary test of civil services examination consists of objective types whereas the question asked in mains examination are descriptive type. IAS Coaching centre in Chennai offers an effective learning resource to the aspirants at a competitive cost.

Exam fear is the feelings experienced by many of the candidates who appeared for the UPSC test. With the sufficient preparation methods, you can improve the chance of scoring good marks in IAS examination. Very effective learning resource helps the student to reduce their workloads in the preparation. IAS Academy in Bangalore, the best place to enroll and create a good result in IAS examination.

Things to know before Begin an IAS Preparation


Exam Dates

UPSC examination is conducted once in a year based on the availability of exam centres as well as the convenience of the students. It is advised for the aspirants to stay alert of the new exam dates. Sometimes USPC does some changes in exam dates.

Time for preparation

It is better to start your preparation early that is a year before the examination. The Research reveals that 3 out of 10 students have a dream of becoming a civil servant. In this kind of scenario, you should outline the effective preparation strategy to clear the examination. One year of preparation time is required to open the doors of UPSC examination.

Design your preparation

The preliminary examination has objective types of question from two major topics such as general knowledge and from the subjects. You can easily understand the format of the test by going through the previous year question papers. Preparing a UPSC exam is a lengthy process which requires hours of preparation. IAS Coaching centres in Chennai conducts a mock test to improve the performance of the student.


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