Legal forms of Companies in Dubai

Secure and protect your rights and property with the help of the best lawyers. The UAE government introduces litigations to secure the state from the terrorist activists and other threatening factors in the country. You should choose the attorney based on the successful cases and the years of experience the lawyer have. Legal Consultants in Dubai guide the business people by make them aware of the rules and regulations when starting a new company.

Sole Partnership

A sole partnership is nothing but the owner of a company is individual not more than one person. The person is only responsible for controlling the operations in a business and keep 100% Profit of the business. If the owner of the company is the citizen of UAE then that is not a problem. If the owner is a non-USA citizen then they require getting a help of Local Service Agent (LSA).

Civil Company

The civil company is nothing but the company is developed by the partnership of Professionals. The investment, functions and loss are divided between the professional partners who invest in the company. Litigation Services in UAE help you to sort out the legal problems related to partnership, contractor employee compensation problems. The civil Service company can easily offer legal service without the help of local Service Agent. A foreign company can also be a part of the civil company.

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company is known as a flexible form of organization which has up to 20 stack holders. LLC can start a company for any commercial and industrial business. In UAE the shares of Limited Liability Company cannot be offered to the public. The Stakeholder who invests high amount will be the owner of the company. In case of death of any partner, the share of the respective person is transferred according to the will.

Private Shareholding Company

The Capital of the private shareholding company is invested by three individuals. The type of business which is created by the private shareholding company is commercial and industrial. The shares of the private shareholding company are offered to the public after two years of its creation.

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