Advantages of being an Architect

The advancement in Civilizations inspires the student to study Architecture course. Architecture is a five-year program suitable for the student who is passionate about the buildings and designing of the structures. The degree awarded after the completion of the course is Bachelor of Architecture. The Architecture student has an opportunity to work with different types of projects. If you are an Architecture student want to survive in this field then you are expected to have the following skill sets like

  • Sound Communication skill
  • Strong Fundamental Knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good Drawing skills
  • Creative skill and so on.

There are top 10 Architecture Colleges in Chennai helps the student to create a successful profession in Architecture course.




The eligibility criteria for the students who want to pursue an undergraduate program in Architecture is the students are supposed to complete their high school in the study of PBM subjects with the minimum of 50 percent aggregate marks. The students who complete their diploma in Architecture also have the chance to appear for B.Arch program. There are best Architecture Colleges in Chennai give the quality education to the students.

Career prospects

After the five years undergraduate program in Architecture course, the student has many chances to work in different types of industries like

  • Construction companies
  • Real-estate industry
  • Engineering College

The students also have an opportunity to work in government sectors like

  • Public Works Department
  • Management Consultancies
  • Railway department

Advantages of becoming an Architect

  • Architecture is one of the highly demanding professions in India. It is considered as one of the creative and interesting course after 12th standard.
  • The profession of Architecture never boring. As an Architect, you have a chance to handle different situations and different problems. It will give you more exposure about the Architecture. Not every project like as the previous one.
  • The strong mathematical skill in Architecture helps the student to manage all kinds of problems. If your design is good then you praised by the person who didn’t even know.
  • Most of the Architects work for their passion not for earning money. Architecture is one of the satisfied professions for those passionate about Architecture. If the student has enough experienced then the salary will be increased.

For More: B.Arch Colleges in Chennai


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